You will need to comply with local laws and regulations when you buy glamping tents and decide to set up a glamping site. Here are some things to consider.


Talk to the local authority or municipality

You will undoubtedly need some form of permission to build a glamping site or to extend an existing campsite with glamping tents. However, the level of regulation depends on which country you are operating in. Some countries have stricter rules than others. In the Netherlands, safari tents, fortunately, fall outside the scope of the Dutch building decree. Although the tents have a permanent set-up, they are designed as temporary camping equipment…

Should you buy glamping tents for your campsite or opt for mobile homes? This dilemma is faced by many campsite owners, but increasingly, they are turning to glamping as a way to attract more guests. We think it’s the right decision and provide four reasons why.

Photo: GlamXperience, Big4 — Australia

Reason 1: Glamping is more popular than ever

More and more people are trying luxurious camping and enjoying the comforts of home, away from home. Glamping is one of the hottest trends in the travel industry. People often tell us “this is how we want to camp!” …

Do you already own a campsite and are you thinking of buying and installing some glamping tents? It’s a good way of broadening your target market and taking your campsite upmarket. But how do you move from camping to glamping? We’ll help you with eight tips to help you transform your business.

Dreamer safari tent

Tip 1: What do your existing and potential guests want?

Ask your existing guests if they would like to try glamping — do they want better facilities? Safari tents with bathrooms or even air conditioning? Your existing guests may well be interested, but you can also reach a new and wider audience who may not ever have tried…

It’s crucial to increase your occupancy, whether you have run your campsite for years or you are just starting out. So, if your campsite is fully booked in the summer holidays, but you have empty weeks looming in the diary, here are five tips to get a higher occupancy all year round.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash
Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash
Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Tip 1: Track your occupancy rates weekly

Measuring is knowing, so keep track of your occupancy rates every week and analyse the data. Your occupancy rate will likely be the highest in the summer, but there will be weeks when it dips, or worse, when guests are few and far between. Try to get an…

Vineyard glamping, or glamorous camping, is one of the travel industry’s hottest trends. Guests enjoy the comforts of home, but away from it all, in a luxurious safari tent of YALA luxury canvas lodges. What could be better than a night under the stars after sampling a range of fine wines? That’s why a growing number of wine estates and vineyards around the globe now offer glamping on site.

Italy leads the way in agriturismo and vineyard glamping

Agriturismo accommodation is hugely popular in Italy and enables guests to stay on a working farm and enjoy the Italian countryside and culture. An increasing number of Italian farmers and winemakers…

Consumers are increasingly choosing to spend their money on unique experiences rather than on material possessions. But how do you create the perfect experience for your guests? Here are some tips from YALA luxury canvas lodges.

Stardust glamping lodge from YALA luxury canvas lodges

Tip 1: What do we mean by experience?

Consumers are searching for something meaningful, an experience they will remember for years to come and which may even change them. For example, 60% of Dutch consumers, value experiences, such as holidays, more than buying material things, according to research from the Dutch media organisation NRIT. This trend applies to travellers from other countries too.


YALA luxury canvas lodges

A stunning experience in luxury camping. That’s our promise to holiday makers around the globe.

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