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Successful glamping destination Paradise & Wilderness surprises their guests with game drives and glamping.

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Guests are looking for experiences like spotting the Big Five, going on a game drive and staying amidst nature, when travelling to Tanzania. Paradise & Wilderness offers a safari with glamping accommodation to deliver just that, but with a touch of luxury. We talked with Bert Schoonvelde, the owner, to discover the secret behind successfully creating an unforgettable experience for guests from all over the globe. It’s key to create the experience that not only meets but also exceeds your guests’ expectations. Read on to find out how safari tents for campsites do just that!

Define your unique experience

When buying glamping tents and setting up a successful glamping adventure, it is of importance to find and define your unique experience. What does your accommodation offer that perfectly fits the needs of your guests? For Paradise & Wilderness, it was easy to find that their guests were looking for an extraordinary safari experience. ‘In Tanzania, we focus on safari holidays in nature. The twist that exceeds their expectations is the luxury of our accommodation. Guests are stunned by it, but that’s also part of the experience. It’s so luxurious that it feels like you’re in a proper house. That in combination with the location is almost unprecedented.’’ Their safari tents with wooden frames have air conditioning, a bathroom and are nicely furnished and decorated with African elements.

Besides accommodation, Paradise & Wilderness provides a local breakfast, lunch and dinner often combined with music. ‘Often, guests really connect with each other during the safari. You have conversations with each other and share an experience. This creates a bond, especially during a game drive.’

Guests are stunned — it’s so luxurious that it feels like you’re in a proper house.

Nowadays, glamping tents are part of the appeal for holidaymakers around the world. ‘We see guests from the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, France, Britain, Germany and, closer to home, South-Africa. From families to couples, and from older married couples to complete families including grandparents who take their kids and grandkids for a unique experience. We host a broad audience. They choose Tanzania for its unique and special safaris and of course the stay in a glamping tent that goes with it. It’s camping, but in luxury, which makes it appealing.’’

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Diversify your experience

Not every guest is looking for the same experience. Paradise & Wilderness offers safari accommodation in Tanzania at seven sites for different experiences. In Selous, for example, many guests are welcomed. Other sites are smaller scaled. The larger resorts also offer more luxurious facilities. ‘You can think of luxe tents, luxe apartments and a large swimming pool with fitness area. Guests are more likely to book a longer stay in these locations.’’

Furthermore, Paradise & Wilderness has five luxurious resorts on Zanzibar aimed towards luxury beach holidays, to extend the luxury and cater to different demands. ‘On Zanzibar, guests are looking for a sunny holiday with a couple of excursions, but if you’re looking for a special experience, you’d be better off in one of the safari tents at our glamping destinations.’’

Sustainable travelling

Travelling sustainably has become more and more popular. Paradise & Wilderness keeps sustainability in mind when building their safari parks to meet these demands and to keep the future looking bright. ‘We ask ourselves “How can we ensure that we have a minimal impact on the natural surroundings and how can we maintain the existing local culture?”, “How can we make these safari tents eco-friendly?” and “How do we make sure that the environment stays the way it is and how does the accommodation contribute to that?”.

YALA’s safari tents are sturdy and durable, it fits with our sustainable approach.

Partnership with YALA luxury canvas lodges

Bert Schoonvelde aims to further expand Paradise & Wilderness in the future because there’s plenty of demand. Durable accommodation is key for sustainability reasons and sensible investment. That’s where YALA comes in. ‘YALA just offers really great tents. And it shows — their tents are sturdy and durable, which makes these safari tents more eco-friendly, and guests compliment the luxury and space they offer. Besides that, YALA offers ongoing support and their team builds the tents on-site. Both at our current camps and camps we’re in the process of acquiring, we want to build eco-friendly and durable glamping tents, so there’s a bright future for our partnership.’’

YALA offers:

  • Sturdy and durable safari tents for sale
  • A partnership that goes beyond just the sale
  • Creating unforgettable luxury experiences

Do you want to create unforgettable experiences just like Paradise & Wilderness? Contact us today! We’re happy to help you increase your turnover and grow your business.



YALA luxury canvas lodges

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