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Vakantiepark Molenwaard sets itself apart by offering safari tents and a unique experience.

Vakantiepark Molenwaard is a new holiday park development by Dutch leisure and entertainment group ‘Van Hoorne Groep’ and is located in the Ottoland polder in the Alblasserwaard region. The park has two mascots, Fien and Teun. They tell the story of the polder, the reclaimed land. The park intends to be a springboard for activities in the area and welcomes guests to explore local sights like Kinderdijk, Biesbosch and local farms.
In short, the holiday park is centred around the experience of the origin and tradition of life in a Dutch polder. Read on to learn more about the experience of Vakantiepark Molenwaard with glamping tents of YALA!

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Vakantiepark Molenwaard faces two distinct challenges in creating a successful holiday park. On the one hand, starting a successful holiday park, and on the other, staying true to its unique concept.

The experience of safari tents

Denise Brocx is General Manager at Vakantiepark Molenwaard. She tells why they opted for glamping accommodation. ‘We noticed that ever more people choose experience over basic accommodation. With these glamping tents, we diversify our accommodation and place the experience at the heart of our holiday park offering.’

It has become increasingly important to create an experience for your guests during their stay. By implementing this down to the finest details, Vakantiepark Molenwaard sets itself apart. ‘For us, everything is about the story of Dutch country life and that, of course, includes the polder. Hosts Fien and Teun play an important role in this experience. Kids receive a Polder Passport that lists activities to encourage them to learn and discover. Every theme has an indoor activity, an activity on-site and activities in the local area. Each theme has a back-story but is also part of the bigger picture; we find that this enhances the experience.’

Avonturenpark Molenwaard is an extension to the existing Avonturenboerderij (a farm life theme park). ‘We started Avonturenboerderij three years ago because we wanted to develop our own location. Avonturenboerderij allowed us to create our own story and experience from A to Z. Soon after, our visitors started asking if it was possible to stay overnight. That’s why we seized the opportunity when this land lot became available. Our holiday park will be a true extension of our story.’

Interior enhances experience

YALA glamping tents interior
YALA safari tents glamping interior


The Vakantiepark Molenwaard experience is unique and rock solid. The underlying challenge is to claim market share. ‘We strongly believe in our concept, yet the first few years completely revolve around putting it on the map. Our characters, Fien and Teun, as well as the Avonturenboerderij, are already quite well-known. But especially for a new and independent holiday park, it’s a challenge to make a name for itself.’

Denise expects guests to book their accommodation just 4 to 6 weeks in advance but bookings have become increasingly unpredictable. ‘We are still optimistic though; the concept is great, and bookings are steadily coming in.’ Holding on to their initial strategy was challenging at times. However, it was clear that this was the way to do it from the outset. ‘We don’t compromise; everything needs to be exactly right and fit into our storyline. This even extends to our suppliers, 70% of whom are from the local area — we find that very important.’


‘It all was a natural evolution, really. In that respect, we’re really happy that we never lost sight of our initial concept. The story we want to share is our vantage point and everything else is built on that. We made sure that new developments were still in line with our story, with every step of the way. That’s how we created this holiday park experience, with every detail, from activities to accommodation, perfectly aligned with the storyline.’

YALA glamping canvas tent

Safari tents and glamping

Comfortable accommodation adds to the experience, for young and old alike. ‘Families are important to us: kids explore the polder over the weekend. During the week, we focus our efforts on couples who discover the area by hiking or cycling. Our park is set in beautiful nature and we provide free maps with routes for both walking and cycling. At this point, we mainly welcome families, but we aim to balance this out more evenly in the future.’

‘So, we were looking for accommodation types that suit both our target audiences. We came across YALA through the well-known Dutch theme and holiday park, Duinrell. We saw their safari tents and we knew instantly that we wanted to buy glamping tents and implement them to enhance our story and to provide our guests with a comfortable stay.’

YALA glamping interior tent

Lasting partnership with YALA luxury canvas lodges

Vakantiepark Molenwaard ordered 32 safari tents with YALA luxury canvas lodges. ‘We were introduced to Peter; a helpful YALA luxury canvas lodges sales manager. His recommendations seamlessly applied to our specific wishes and situation. At first, we were planning to install 70 tents, which in retrospect would have been way too many. After closely listening to our narrative, Peter advised us which safari tents would be the ideal match for our guests.’

YALA offers:

  • Tailored advice to find the best safari tent for your guests
  • A solid partnership that lasts
  • Luxurious, high-quality safari tents with practical layouts

‘With YALA, we feel that we are building a relationship and a lasting partnership. Our businesses fit together, and we love the possibilities that YALA offers. We chose Dreamer and Sunshine safari tents with a classic look, and the addition of cabin beds truly tailors the tents to the needs of our guests.’

Vakantiepark Molenwaard opened in May 2021. ‘For us, it’s key to ensure an enjoyable stay for our guests; we truly hope they love the experience. The high-quality and comfortable safari tents will provide a valuable contribution to achieving this goal. In a tent, you’ll be able to experience the sounds of birds and of nature; that completes the experience.’

Our collaboration really adds value, we look forward to building a long-term business relationship with YALA.

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