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5 min readAug 4, 2021

Kim Ngan Hills offers the ultimate glamping experience with breathtaking views.

Surrounded by a pine forest in the largest city in the central island region of Vietnam, Da Lat, hillside resort Kim Ngan Hills is located. Da Lat is also a popular destination for both national and international holidaymakers. The owner of the luxury resort featuring bungalows and villas decided to expand her business by investing in 14 glamping tents. Kim Ngan Hills offers unique experiences with glamping accommodations and outstanding service. We talked to Nhân Nguyễn from Kim Ngan Hills and Dang Huynh, our dealer from Vietnam Glamping, to learn more about this project and glamping in Vietnam. It is a beautiful glamping site within a market with a lot of potential!

YALA Kim Ngan Hills glamping
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Why did Kim Ngan Hills choose for glamping?

Nhân became inspired by the rising popularity of glamping holidays, while spending time abroad in Europe. ‘The idea of taking glamping to Vietnam allowed us to upgrade our resort and be the first with such a luxury glamping project’. The location of Kim Ngan Hills is perfect for glamping, Nhân elaborates: ‘We are situated high on the hill, which makes for spectacular views. This region in Da Lat is known for its flowers and wines, providing a perfect holiday experience. Glamping enhances that experience and makes it even more special.’

We wanted to unite camping with luxury. That’s when we discovered glamping.

— Nhân Nguyễn, Kim Ngan Hills

Kim Ngan Hills stays ahead of the competition by adopting new trends. ‘In Vietnam, there are no luxury glamping locations yet. Being one of the first resorts to offer this trendy new type of accommodation can be huge.’ Offering something new creates a huge advantage, but also poses a challenge because the process is still unfamiliar. Nhân agrees: ‘We encountered some glitches and misunderstandings, but we always found a solution with YALA and their Vietnamese dealership. It is now completely finished and it looks amazing.’

YALA interior glamping tent

Kim Ngan Hills diversifies with glamping tents

Kim Ngan Hills wanted to diversify their offering and create a unique experience for their guests. Therefore, they decided to purchase glamping tents which attract new target groups, such as families and teenagers. Nhân: ‘Our villas are convenient for groups of more than 10 guests as we provide individual rooms. Our glamping tents are perfect for 4 to 6 guests, who like to explore nature and experience a different lifestyle. We also offer bungalow rooms suitable for 2 people. We want to have the best possible options for everyone.’

Through the addition of glamping tents, we are offering a new luxury experience that showcases our beautiful location in the best possible way.

— Nhân Nguyễn, Kim Ngan Hills

Guests can choose their favourite glamping tent at Kim Ngan Hills from a range of several tents, like a Bell Tent, Sparkles, Comets and Sunshines. ‘The Sunshine tents will be our VIP tent because they have the most breathtaking views of the mountains and the village. These are also more luxurious as they offer extra space and facilities in comparison to our other glamping tents.’ With an eye for detail, Nhân also focuses on the decoration of the glamping tents to enhance the experience. ‘Above all, we want to make it beautiful. I want our guests to be happy that they decided to spend their holidays with us. Our first guests loved it because it was so romantic and cosy. Even in the rain, they loved the fact that they could open the front of the tent and enjoy the view and the sound of the rain hitting the roof from the comfort of their bed’. And that’s an experience you don’t get in any other type of accommodation.

Many people are already interested. Nhân: ‘Our social media posts get thousands of likes and shares. Through our photos, we show people the difference between camping and glamping; this is luxury camping with high-quality accommodation.’ Even newspapers are interested in sharing more about glamping. ‘As glamping is still very new here, newspapers are excited to hear our story. It’s great marketing.’

YALA view veranda glamping tent
YALA interior glamping tent Kim Ngan Hills

Glamping tents in humid climates

The humid climate and fluctuating temperatures make glamping in Vietnam a challenge. You must choose the right materials to build glamping sites in these weather conditions. Dang: ‘YALA offers great solutions to common problems in humid climates. All tents are made of a canvas that is not only fire retardant but also mould resistant. As a result, they do not suffer from humid climates and can also withstand strong gusts of wind, loads of snow and rainy seasons.’ These glamping tents are suitable for any climate since they are equipped with clever heat and air solutions.

Nhân agrees that it was the quality that won them over. ‘I wanted to bring something home from Europe that would improve our resort. YALA could deliver worldwide and we had great contact with their dealership in Vietnam, Vietnam Glamping. We believe in the quality of these glamping tents. The unique experience creates added value for our guests.’

YALA stands for:

  • High-quality glamping tents suitable for humid climates
  • Certified PVC and canvas materials that are fire retardant and completely mould resistant
  • Knowledgeable and experienced dealers and agents assist you throughout the process

How to make glamping successful?

We believe that YALA luxury canvas lodges will help you to make your glamping site successful. Dang: ‘YALA offers a solution because they are not just delivering the tents. Together, we think about floor plans, layouts and clever expansions to do justice to each location.’

Nhân values the partnership, ‘I hope we’ll stay in touch and continue to help each other grow. We would love to expand in the future and attract more people, but for now, we are focusing on this site and creating the best experience possible for our guests.’

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